Too Cold for Softy

Too Cold for Softy!

That was today’s weather report.  I did not get the report from the radio or internet. Instead, I got it from Quiet Rustle, my cat and weather reporter extraordinaire.

Each morning my wife and I enjoy waking up and starting the day in the sunroom. We have coffee and listen to the news and weather and play around with Quiet Rustle who is also waking up.

As always, we eventually have to get on with our day.  And that means determining if Quiet Rustle wants to go outside.   To this end, we open the back door and watch to see what happens.

If the weather is nice Rustle goes out on the porch. But, if too chilly, Quiet Rustle, our otherwise tough-mouse-hunter, does a U-turn and goes back inside!  And that’s when we sing:

Too cold for Softy!

Too cold for Softy!

Too cold for Softy today!

Quiet Rustle, a cool cat indeed, takes the cajolery in stride and strolls inside for his first nap of the day while we start working from home.

I think Softy got the better deal.


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