I Had No Idea

Monday again. My wife and I were driving to work on a cool and crisp November morning. The early sun and beautiful autumn leaves were dazzling and had us in an upbeat mood. My wife shared with me how her co-worker  has a  problem. Apparently , this co-worker  belongs to a walking group. Recently, a new woman who talks-too-much joined the group. My wife asked my thoughts on how the co-worker should confront this talkative walker who is upsetting their ambulatory serenity.

So, I shared my thoughts about what the coworker should do with this person who talks too much. Then, I shared my thoughts about the recent New England Patriots victory over Carolina Panthers.  I followed that up with my thoughts on a diplomat who was recently pushed out of a window at the Russian embassy in London. I finished with how the weather is going for the rest of the week.

We pulled up at my wife’s place of work to start getting out of the car. She looked disconcerted, troubled. I asked her if she were OK.

She said she was fine. It was just that I talked her ear off the whole ride  to work. She couldn’t get  a word in the entire ride.

I had no idea I had this problem!!!

copyright Christopher Donahue 2021

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  1. Amy Henry says:

    Too funny! But she did ask you to share your thoughts!

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