September Tomato Report

It was not a good summer for tomatoes. The verdant promise of May and June wilted during the drought of July and August. And while I watered faithfully, output plummeted during the dry spell. Now that we’ve enjoyed normal September weather, a decent amount  of green tomatoes that won’t ripen before the frost are on the vine.

Back in the day, we would put the green tomatoes in a brown paper bag in the basement where they allegedly would ripen quickly in the cool and dark.  Unfortunately, and as a practical matter, what usually happened is we put the tomatoes in a brown bag in the basement and forget about them until Spring!  In the April or so, we’d find a smelly soggy, bag and toss it.

This year around we will try something different: Air Fried Green Tomatoes!

to be cont’d …

copyright September 2022 Christopher Donhaue 

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2 Responses to September Tomato Report

  1. Wow, I did not know that green tomatoes ripen in a paper bag like this.

  2. magn8717 says:

    Yes they do ripen in the bag but don’t forget!!!

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