Mowing the Leaves and a Changing of the Guard

Every New Englander knows, mowing the leaves is an art not a science.

I was surveilling my back yard last weekend before raking the leave and then mowing the lawn. The lawn mowing would probably for the last time for the year. But,  the first thing I noticed was that there weren’t too many bright red and yellow leaves on the lawn at all. Maybe I could forgo raking and just mow the few leaves!   Just a few leaves wouldn’t make a mess and I could put the lawn mower away for the winter.

So, I did.

The lawn looked fine and  I let the lawnmower run out of gas. After that, I put the special fuel in for the winter, and my trusty lawnmower was ready for its long winter nap.

And then I fired up the snowblower for the first time this season!

The seasonal changing of the guard!!!

copyright 2023 Christopher Donahue

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