A Quick One for A Scorching Summer Monday

It was a summer Monday at the end of June. The weather was scorching hot and humid in the 90s.  And, although the pandemic was winding down and working from home was drawing to a close, I found myself working from home indeed. The car was in the shop and I didn’t have to be at a meeting or in court.

So there I was. At the exact time I usually would be  commuting, I was in the back yard in  barefoot,  wearing gym shorts and a t-shirt watering my tomatoes in the tropical heat. It was a nice to stay in the moment and have gratitude for all the good things in life.

Starting with tomatoes.

Observation: Pandemic or not. Stay-at-home orders or not. Watering tomatoes on  a summer morning in June sure beats commuting to work.

Copyright 2021 Christopher Donahue

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  1. Amy Henry says:

    It certainly does! And I remember the exact Monday you’re talking about because it was the final day of my daughter’s first visit home since COVID began. We hiked the Sojourner Truth trail for 2 hours as the thermometer topped 98! Btw/much thanks for the follow–I just got the notification!

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