The Continuing Covid Christmas Tree

Last January seems almost a lifetime ago. Covid hadn’t struck yet and my wife and I were about to take down the Christmas tree. It was almost February and we were ready. But looking under the tree, we noticed Felix our cat wasn’t ready. Whether it was to take a nap or lying in ambush for his brother Quiet Rustle, Felix liked to hunker down under the tree. And because we liked Felix, my wife and I decided to leave it up a while longer for our furry buddy.

A little over a month later, it was clear the Covid-19 was metastasizing into a pandemic. To dispel the winter and pandemic darkness, we decided to leave the Christmas tree up for the remainder of 2020.

Now here we are. It is still Winter and pandemic dark in these parts. Our little Felix passed away last July.

And we are leaving the Christmas tree up until the pandemic is over.

Copyright 2021 Christopher Donahue

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2 Responses to The Continuing Covid Christmas Tree

  1. Teresa says:

    I’m very sorry about Felix. I’m glad to know that you left your Christmas tree up as a means of positive inspiration in the midst of this insanity. Good blog post!

  2. magn8717 says:

    Thanks so much!

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