July Tomato Report Part 2

There’s a lot of terrible stuff going on in the world these days: the war in the Ukraine, social injustice, and problems with the environment.  But,  in this little patch of the world we call home I can find a little tranquility among my thriving tomato plants!

This week, I’m happy to report we got our first tomato but it really was  a close call. I had been keeping an eye on a pair of tomatoes that clearly were going to be the first to turn red. The pair started the week yellow, turned to orange and were now almost perfect red for picking. Maybe one more night was all they needed for perfection.

But should I chance it?  If these tomatoes were looking good to me , they must be looking good to Mr/Ms Rabbit.

I thought about chancing it one more night but good sense won the day. I got some chicken wire from under the shed and put it around my soon to be first tomatoes.

Later, when I was admiring the tomatoes I noticed the rabbit was right out there on cure looking at my protected tomatoes.

It’s nice when you make the right call!!!

copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue

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