Hot August Tomato Report

The first few weeks of August are usually rainy.  I can attest to this because every summer since childhood, I go out late on August evenings to witness the Perseid meteor shower.  It is best to go out after midnight and lay on the grass.   More often the not, the sky is cloudy when I go.

This year the sky was clear but the meteors were obscured by the full moon. And that experience revealed the problem:  no clouds mean no rain.


New England is experiencing a drought and despite my best watering efforts production is down I bet by a quarter.  It is still better than last year when we got a 50% or less harvest because of too much rain!

Which goes to show that in the world of amateur farming, it is always something!

BTW- I usually water my tomatoes in the morning with the pure water from the dehumidifier! That way I don’t violate any watering bans although the city does not have one as of yet!

As always,   KEEP GROWING!!!

copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue


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