The Last Winter Evenings

It was an inclement Wednesday evening in March.  The rain and sleet steadily coming down was prelude to an eventual switch over to snow.  I’d come home from work through that mess and just wanted to rest. Basically, I wanted to un-bundle from my winter commuting outfit and relax for the evening.

I had done pretty well this year with my New Year’s resolution of not saying negative stuff about the winter.

But that doesn’t mean Winter hadn’t been a challenge I knew from the calendar there wasn’t much more winter to go. Certainly, there was no guarantee of nice weather for quite a while.

Peering out the window, I thought about going to the church group or library meeting or kung fu or whatever was planned for that snowy, sleety, night.   I I decided to stay home, all nice and cozy with my wife and trusty cat Quiet Rustle.

It was one of the last winter evenings.

copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue

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