A Month of Five Mondays

It was a tough way to stat out a year.

I was standing in the middle of the disorganized chaos of my office.   What made this a different than usual was that  our office was still recovering from a move and most of my supplies and belongs were still in packing crates.

Putting my large, planner-style calendar on the wall seemed like a good first start for the first working day of the year.  That is,  until I noticed something ominous:

There are FIVE MONDAYS in January 2022!!!


The First Month o the New Year was off to a tough start.   A closer look at the calendar for the 2022 showed May and October also had five Mondays! …but at least they were at the start.   I could ease into them. Oh well! Every year has 52 Mondays we have to get through and in New Year 2022 they are being served up first!!! (Leap Year notwithstanding!)

All I can do is keep on trucking‘, take it one day at a time, and wish everyone a …


copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue

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