Red Shirt/Green Tie, Green Shirt/Red Tie

It is five days before  Christmas.  After a very busy few weeks leading up to the holiday, I can finally start to relax a bit and look forward to taking the week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Most of my shopping is done and our holiday cards are in the mail.

The wooden  stairs out back creaked under my weight as I went down them this morning. It was a reminder, like I needed one, that it was twenty degrees out. Winter is getting underway and there is still a chance of a a white Christmas.

And following tradition, I wore a red dress shirt with a green neck tie. Tomorrow will be vice versa: green shirt, red tie. It my little way of observing the season and spreading some Christmas cheer.

And it also reminds me to engage with the season before the Yuletide passes me by!

copyright 2021 Christopher Donahue

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