April Coffee

Another little poem for National Poetry Month:

April Coffee

April coffee

tastes better

in the morning

sitting on my couch

than it does from my travel mug in my car

in honking-start-stop traffic 

and April coffee

certainly tastes better

each morning

with my cat on my lap


copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue


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A Morning in the Spring

A little poem for National Poetry month!!!


A Morning in the Spring

the cool breeze

flows over

my bathrobe covered shoulders

as I hunch down

in the love seat

with my coffee in one hand

cat treats in the other

which I put behind my head

on the window sill

for Quiet Rustle to devour

but not before

he scans the bushes outside

for birds or


copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue

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Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung…kind of!!!

Spring arrived here last week to great fanfare and expectation. That’s how it is each year in temperate zones and especially here in New England. Everyone knows that while the calendar says spring, the vernal season doesn’t really get going until April. We get tantalized with some nice weather but we all know winter’s icy grip will continue or a bit.

Case in point: Today’s commute.

I woke up this morning to find 20 degree windy wintry weather outside with a coating of snow. The traffic news reported crashes all over the are because of icy conditions. Yesterday, it was 60 degrees.

That was enough for me to opt for working from home. Groggily sipping coffee, I glance at my cat Quiet Rustle who gives me a knowing nod. I’m making the right decision.

Working from home is the right call today.

At least until Spring has actually sprung!!!

copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue

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The Last Winter Evenings

It was an inclement Wednesday evening in March.  The rain and sleet steadily coming down was prelude to an eventual switch over to snow.  I’d come home from work through that mess and just wanted to rest. Basically, I wanted to un-bundle from my winter commuting outfit and relax for the evening.

I had done pretty well this year with my New Year’s resolution of not saying negative stuff about the winter.

But that doesn’t mean Winter hadn’t been a challenge I knew from the calendar there wasn’t much more winter to go. Certainly, there was no guarantee of nice weather for quite a while.

Peering out the window, I thought about going to the church group or library meeting or kung fu or whatever was planned for that snowy, sleety, night.   I I decided to stay home, all nice and cozy with my wife and trusty cat Quiet Rustle.

It was one of the last winter evenings.

copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue

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Happy Valentine’s Day

My wife told me I talk too long.

Worse, my cat Quiet Rustle nodded agreement. It was a tough thing to hear  the day before Valentine’s Day. Especially for a romantic guy like me.

Good thing for my wife,  I had already bought flowers and candy and couldn’t return  them! Then my romantic side kicked in:

Love is never having to say your sorry!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue

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Positively January

I tried to sleep through January but it wasn’t possible.   Quiet Rustle my cat was all for it.  But, life and January got in the way.

Besides work, and having to shop for food , there were arctic temperatures to endure and a mega-blizzard to clean up after that kept me from sleeping through the first month of the new year.

However, I am happy to report I kept at least one New Year’s resolution:

Stop complaining about the weather and be positive about January!

The darkness and cold are tough to  endure but what could be more January than that!?!?

Bad weather?

Positively January!

Stay warm my friends!!!

Copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue

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This Guy’s Good

It was a brisk eight degrees the other morning when I went out to feed the birds.  I wore my slippers , flannel pajamas, old terry-bathrobe, and  a fluorescent- hunting knit cap to top it all off.   My neighbors might have thought I was crazy.

But, the birds?

They were waiting in the bushes, on the fence and in the trees. Sparrows, blue-jays, chickadees, mourning doves…the usual suspects.   And, they were all thinking  as they saw me approaching in the frigid dawn with a quart-size yogurt container filled with bird seed…

This guy’s good!

copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue

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A Month of Five Mondays

It was a tough way to stat out a year.

I was standing in the middle of the disorganized chaos of my office.   What made this a different than usual was that  our office was still recovering from a move and most of my supplies and belongs were still in packing crates.

Putting my large, planner-style calendar on the wall seemed like a good first start for the first working day of the year.  That is,  until I noticed something ominous:

There are FIVE MONDAYS in January 2022!!!


The First Month o the New Year was off to a tough start.   A closer look at the calendar for the 2022 showed May and October also had five Mondays! …but at least they were at the start.   I could ease into them. Oh well! Every year has 52 Mondays we have to get through and in New Year 2022 they are being served up first!!! (Leap Year notwithstanding!)

All I can do is keep on trucking‘, take it one day at a time, and wish everyone a …


copyright 2022 Christopher Donahue

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Twelve Days of Christmas

This year, I am celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas.   And that’s because life conspired to distract me from engaging in the Christmas spirit to just about the night before Christmas.

It was just one of those years. Work was sustained craziness for several months leading up to the holiday. And my personal life had stuff going on too.

And it was funny, and strange, to realize this is the second pandemic Christmas. Once again, the gatherings were small and socially distant.  And in our case, very small because an ice storm kept my wife and I home Christmas day.  But it was all good because we sat by our festive tree, with our trusty cat Quiet Rustle,  eating Christmas goodies and cat treats, respectively of course.

I guess I will close out my last blog of the year with what I’ve been telling people the past few weeks. (And trying to remind myself!)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and Happy Holidays, and Happy Everything everybody!

And Good night!

copyright 2021 Christopher Donahue



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Red Shirt/Green Tie, Green Shirt/Red Tie

It is five days before  Christmas.  After a very busy few weeks leading up to the holiday, I can finally start to relax a bit and look forward to taking the week off between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Most of my shopping is done and our holiday cards are in the mail.

The wooden  stairs out back creaked under my weight as I went down them this morning. It was a reminder, like I needed one, that it was twenty degrees out. Winter is getting underway and there is still a chance of a a white Christmas.

And following tradition, I wore a red dress shirt with a green neck tie. Tomorrow will be vice versa: green shirt, red tie. It my little way of observing the season and spreading some Christmas cheer.

And it also reminds me to engage with the season before the Yuletide passes me by!

copyright 2021 Christopher Donahue

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